Syrian Academics and Researchers Network - UK

(Pre-launching Stage)

About us

The network aims to foster collaboration between Syrian academics and researchers in the UK who research topics related to Syria or who have an interest in the Syrian context.

The network meets regularly and organises an annual conference.

The network is in the pre-launching stage, preparing to launch formally in September 2023.

Upcoming events

Unmasking Syria's Hidden Identities

Envisioning a Future of Reconciliation through Art and Scholarship

Friday 26 July 2024, Wivenhoe House Hotel, University of Essex

This innovative event brings together artists and academics from across the UK to envision a post-conflict Syrian society rooted in justice, equality, and reconciliation. Through the lens of 'Hidden Identities,' participants will engage in a dialogue and share their work to visualize the unseen, give voice to the unheard, and paint a picture of a future Syria where all identities are acknowledged and celebrated.

Conference Organising Committee 2023

Dr. Mohammad Ateek

University of Leicester

Dr. Zeina Al-Azmeh

University of Cambridge

Dr. Azzam Al Kassir

University of London

Roua Al Taweel

Ulster University

Dr Rahaf Aldoughly

Lancaster University 

Dr Haian Dukhan

Teesside University

Oudai Tozan

University of Cambridge

Dr Feras Alkabani

University of Sussex

We would love to publicise academic work on Syria. If you have published a peer reviewed article, book, chapter, or other publications on Syria, then please fill in this form.